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Data collected over the summer using TerraFlex is not showing up in Trimbles InSphere online. All the data is displaying on devices but when at the computer on InSphere, only the last two days of data is on. How can I find the other days worth of data, and where did it go? Will I need to import it again, is this a fix in TerraFlex or InSphere?
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Try to locate one of the posts on the mobile unit. Enter some smallt alteration in one of the data fields, an sync it again. The feature will be completely synced into the online database. A bit labour-intensive, but could work.
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I think your issue has been fixed. In earlier versions there was an option to delete the data from Insphere after exporting. I don't see it there anymore. Many users were confused and thought they were deleting the export and not the actual data.
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