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Tom H
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Terraflex has the ability to cache Trimble background map tiles to be used offline when you are working in an area without cellular or WiFi coverage for example.
Caching map tiles first requires you to define a location on the map in your web browser before syncing the cache to the mobile device. The process is described below

Creating a background map cache for offline use

Background maps are defined in the Locations tab

To define an area you wish to create a map cache for:

  • Click ‘Create a New location’

  • Draw a location covering the area you want to be available offline
    Follow the online help – Working with locations

  • Check the ‘Create background map cache for this location’ checkbox in the right-hand side pop-out

  • Background map caches will be downloaded to your mobile device the next time it is synchronized

Note: Background Map Caches can be reused across multiple projects by linking the location to multiple projects

To create a background map cache for a task (TerraFlex Advanced)

Background maps for tasks are created in the forms tab based on the convex hull which encompasses all the forms in the task to simplify task and background map creation process

  • Make your selection of forms to update as part of a task
    Follow the online help – Working with tasks

  • Create a new task
  • Select the ‘Automatically create background map cache for this task’ option in the Create Task right-hand side pop-out.

Technical Details about background map caches
  • Tiles are created using the Trimble base map only.
    Google and ESRI mapping are subject to licensing restrictions preventing use in this manner

  • To maintain manageable file sizes the map cache image quality is directly linked to the size of the location generated. Larger areas may have reduced image resolution compared to smaller areas to maintain high performance.
  • Map caches can be up to 250Mb depending on the coverage area, so synchronization via Wi-Fi is recommended.

For more information on Terraflex take a look at the Trimble InSphere -Terraflex web page

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Thank you for posting this Tom.

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Nice technology has been implemented, thanks for sharing this information..
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