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Tom H
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If you are experiencing software issues that the online help or getting started guides or FAQ's cannot resolve, you have 3 options:

#1 The Insphere Online Forum

The first point of call should be the forum. If you are experiencing a problem it is likely that someone else is experiencing the same or has already asked the same question.

The forum search tool provides an instant means of scanning ALL topics for your issue.
Just remember to disable the 'Search titles only' box before you search to scan both titles and content.

The forum is accessed by the Insphere user community AND Trimble support and engineering groups so gives you the best chance of a response if what you are looking for isn't there.

Please remember to feedback on any solutions or responses given on the forum so other users can see if the content is useful/ has helped solve the problem or if further help is needed

Accessing #TrimbleSupport tips

Any posts the submitted by the Trimble Support team with useful technical tips will contain the #TrimbleSupport
You can use the search function described above to quickly search and access this content

#2 Your local Trimble Reseller

Trimble has a world wide network of re-sellers who can provide support and help with your questions.
The Trimble dealer locator tool helps you find the dealer nearest to your location and more importantly in your time zone for immediate support
Use the URL: to access to the tool

#3 Trimble Terraflex Support

If you have been unsuccessful with options #1 & #2 then you should contact the Trimble Support Team
Before contacting the Trimble Support team please ensure you have the following minimum information so they can work on the case as efficiently as possible

  • Description of the problem - as detailed as possible so we can better understand the context/ workflows you are using
  • Organisation name
  • Organisation Email used to log in this problem is associated with
  • For data related issues please provide the specific project name and forms

  • Is this on Terraflex Mobile or on the Terraflex Website?
  • For Terraflex Mobile issues generate and attach the log files (using the instructions in the topic Sending Log files to Trimble (Support))
  • For Terraflex Website issues please include what browser and version you are using
This will enable us to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and minimise and inconvenience!
edited by Tom H on 7/25/2018
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