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Tom H
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The June 2015 release now includes new language options (French, German and Spanish)

The TerraFlex mobile and web apps are now available in French, German and Spanish with further languages to be offered in future releases.
The wider Trimble InSphere™ (Including Equipment and DataManager) /TerraFlex website are also available in these languages, including the online help documentation.

How do I change the language of the Insphere Website?
  • Log in to Insphere as normal
  • On the left Trimble InSphere navigation panel, go to your organisation name and select edit

  • Select the edit button to edit your organisation settings

  • Select your language from the Locale list

  • Select the Save Changes button to apply

Note the languages for the Insphere website can be changed at any point using this process

How do I change the language of the TerraFlex Mobile App?
Terraflex mobile will automatically adopt the language (if supported) based on the regional locale the device is using so this process should not require any user definition.
The Windows Mobile Install also contains the language installation options from the start if you are performing a new Terraflex installation on a Windows Mobile device

edited by Tom H on 9/4/2015
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