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Tom H
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In some scenarios you may be requested by Trimble support to send a log file.
Log files contain important diagnostic information that can help support and engineering staff solve user or configuration issues promptly. This in turn helps us to improve TerraFlex for future users

Depending on the hardware platform and operating system you will have 2 different ways to send a log file:

1 - iOS/ Android users:

  • From the TerraFlex Home View select SETTINGS
  • Select SEND LOG FILE
  • TerraFlex then auto generates a log file and drafts and email ready to send to the TerraFlex-Feedback box

  • At this point if you are dealing with support I recommend CC'ing yourself in so you have a copy of the email and log file.
    Support will often request a copy of the log file directly so this will enable you to forward this on to the support agent through the forum or via the support email address

    Additional Android Information

  • If you connect your Android device to a laptop there will be an accessible space called 'Terraflex' where the log files are stored

2 - Windows Users

Windows Mobile:
Windows mobile users do not yet have the ability to 'send a log file' directly within the TerraFlex app. Instead we request you manually copy the log file from the device and send it to the support agent who is dealing with the problem

  • Connect the Windows Mobile device to your PC/Laptop using Windows Mobile device Centre
    If you are unfamiliar with this process check out the following:

    + Windows TechNet article for a step by step guide
    + Or consult your Trimble HW device user guide, a good example guide can be found in the Geo 7 Series User guide - page 28

  • Use the file explorer on the PC/laptop to browse to the \My Documents\TerraFlex folder
  • Copy the FieldApp.log file from the device and forward this to the support agent dealing with the problem

Note If you are having trouble connecting your device try some of the troubleshooting tips in the following Trimble Support note: Geo 7X handheld: Tips for Connecting to the Windows Mobile Device Centre

Windows 32/64 Platform:
  • Browse to the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Trimble\TerraFlex
  • Copy the FieldApp.log file and forward this to the support agent dealing with the problem
* There will be a number following GNSSServer to denote the TerraFlex version installed

For more online help and support please visit the Trimble InSphere Support page @

edited by Tom H on 2/5/2019
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