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Ecommerce capabilities are now available as part of the August InSphere release so you can directly purchase Data Manager, Equipment Manager and TerraFlex subscriptions from within the InSphere interface.Use your credit card to purchase or renew subscriptions directly, or enter an Activation Code obtained via a direct purchase from your Trimble Distribution Partner. More information on managing subscriptions and activation codes can be found here
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Diem Bui | Trimble Geospatial
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Unfortunately the link behind 'found here' doesn't work anymore. Therefore the question here:
My TerraFlex licence is running until May, 2nd. I've already ordered and received a new activation code. Can I enter this code now and my licence will be extended from May, 3nd for one year? or do I loose 1.5 months if I activate it now? What's the best way not to have a 'licence gap' suddenly?
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Tom H
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Hi Priska

You should activate the licence as close to the expiry date as possible.
We do give a small 'grace' period a few days after expiry to act as a buffer for those renewing subcriptions through a local dealer (via PO) for example to ensure there is no loss of service

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