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I have tried several times to sync forms from my TerraFlex app to InShphere with no success. I have tried using wifi and mobile data. No errors are coming up and each time I sync it says completed but the forms are not showing in InShpere
edited by Nicola on 6/8/2020
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Hi Nicola, I am having the same exact issue with TerraFlex on our TDC600 - I tried restarting my device only to end up being locked out of TerraFlex app with an error message "your organization has not allocated a user seat for these credentials." We only just purchased the TDC and the advanced subscription to TerraFlex a couple of days ago and I'm absolutely losing it as we have spent a large sum of money for a device and an app that isn't at all what we had hoped it would be. Very tempted to return it and ask for a refund! What a joke!
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