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TDC100 4G compared to new TDC 100 WIFI or 5G. Messages in this topic - RSS

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With the 4G, the accuracy consistently shows less than 3 ft, The new WIFI unit rarely stays below 4 ft. So when I set the accuracy requirements to 4 ft., often I have to override it (even when the unit shows to be at or below 4 ft) just to get the point. The old unit never has to be overridden. I have been running the two units side by side. Both are linked to my InSphere account so those settings and the TDC unit settings are the same, except the new unit doesn't offer the SBAS option but I'm told that the setting on the new one is the same, just doesn't say SBAS. Anyway, I had to reset the accuracy requirements to 7 ft to avoid the extra steps to override the requirements. Even then, we often have to override the new one at that setting. I'm using the GNSS Status app on both. The old one didn't need tweeking to set up. Any ideas?
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