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I am trying to find out if this functionality exists already. I have field data and photos collected at a site using TerraFlex. The data has been synced to InSphere and I can see the forms when I log in to InSphere with my browser. I have exported the forms and photos out of InSphere so I know the photos exist. I am looking for a way to view the photos with the InSphere interface much like i can see the form points and whatever field data I collected on them. I want my collaborators to be able to see the photos on the web interface without needing to download and I also would use the functionality to check that photos were taken using TerraFlex without having to export or review the gps unit itself.
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Tom H
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Any photo's captured in Terraflex are visible in the web portal. You just need to select the form on the map then you'll be able to view the photo through the pop up form in thumbnail or at full resolution
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