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Hey all,

My company is attempting to incorporate Terraflex into our GIS workflow. We have been collecting data with GPS in MI_NAD83_SOUTH_INTFT using Geoid 12B for elevation. Our GPS points are imported into an MXD with a data frame of MI_NAD_SOUTH_INTFT where the features are drawn into a file geodatabase with a WGS_84 coordinate system.

I have set up a project using the Add In for Esri and am having some difficulty getting our measurements to line up.
I have collected data in Terraflex and in GPS and our Terraflex values are around 3 feet off of our GPS values. I have our project set up to calculate Orthometric height using Geoid model 12BUS.

I'm having trouble narrowing in on the source of this error. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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