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Using TerraFlex on a Geo7x, we experience severe crashes almost hourly resulting in lost data and lost productivity. These crashes are always accompanied by a message that the GNSS server has crashed. Occasionally they are accompanied by a message about Terraflex's failure to manage memory properly. What can we do to prevent these crashes?
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Tom H
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Hi wolfr

Without more detail I can only talk in general terms here but memory issues can relate to and be mitigated in several ways.
Before running through any of the suggestions below please can you do the following:
  • Make sure all your unsync'd Terraflex forms have been sync'd back to the cloud
  • Take a copy of the log files from the device following the instructions here.
    If you need to escalate this to the support team after trying the steps below then this will provide important information on what has been going on the device

  • Ensuring you are on the most up to date versions of software and firmware for the Geo7x and Terraflex
  • Geo7 x latest OS v6.7.18
  • Release Notes - for installation instructions and updates
  • This also updates the GNSS firmware to the latest 4.50.3 for GNSS improvements.
    Note this will require you to back up and data before hand on an SD card or your PC and to reinstall Terraflex

  • Ensure you are on the latest version of Terraflex for WEHH
    This is version and can be downloaded here (If Terraflex has not already prompted you to update)
Terraflex configuration and management

  • Are you running other apps alongside Terraflex? Try minimising them when collecting data
  • How big are your TASKS?
    If you are working with large task datasets then think about splitting these into smaller manageable blocks. The current limit on TASKS is 1000

  • Think about offline workflows if you are in an area with poor network coverage
  • Caching the background map can alleviate the extra CPU work required for Terraflex and the Geo7x modem to download and render the base mapping, particuarly if you are in an area of intermittant or poor network coverage.
  • If you don't require a data connection for any real-time corrections then you can utlise the Sync on Wifi only option (SETTINGS > Sync on Wifi Only)
    Again this will reduce the amount of processing required for live suncing via your data connection. You can sync forms when you get back to the office or connect to a Wifi hub

  • In Terraflex try not to let forms (particuarly with photo attachments) build up and be stored locally on the device
    Once a form is sync'd then it is stored in the cloud so you can use the REMOVE FORMS option to clear out any unecessary data.
    This will be local for each project so you may have to repeat this for the projects on the device

The biggest win here will be on the OS and software updates.

Run through the steps above and If you are still having problems, send the logs gathered BEFORE these updates Into the support team following the instructions on Need Support?Here's what you should do

edited by Tom H on 10/9/2018
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