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How can we turn off basemaps completely? They seem to regularly fail to load. They seem to cause memory resource problems and crashes on our Geo7x. We've tried unchecking the box on the units for the basemap, but TerraFlex refuses to accept this choice and will immediately check the box once we leave that option screen. In general the basemaps in their current state hurt our productivity more than they help.
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Tom H
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Hi wolfr

Terraflex on WEHH operating systems will always default to the Trimble Street layer so they can't be disabled completely.
Loading issues like this would point to a data connection problem or an older version of Terraflex so these are the first things to check.

The latest current WEHH version of Terraflex is and can be downloaded here
You can use the ABOUT option on the menu bar to check your version.
Before updating please ensure you have sync'd any outstanding data from the device.

If everything's up to date I would to take advantage of the background map caching function - when you are connected to the office or some other WiFi hub.
Pre cached mapping will then reliably load without you having to rely on the cellular network for that area.

If this problem persists then you should grab the log files and escalate this to the Trimble support team

edited by Tom H on 10/9/2018
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Our data collectors are always connected through a mobile WiFi hotspot. We can confirm that the connection is good because we are receiving RTK corrections every second and the satellite maps (although sometimes a bit slow) almost never fail to load. The streetmaps however fail almost always. My issue here isn't so much that the background maps fail to load, but that there is no way to turn them off. Also, we've tried the background map caching function, but it introduced more problems. Moreover, as repeated in many other threads on this forms, when memory is so limited on these devices that we are advised to limit the number of features stored in tasks, I'm really confused as to why we would ever consider caching background maps that we do not want to use anyway.
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