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Artur - Santiago & Cintra - Brazil Trimble Dealer
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Good Morning,

My name is Artur and I work for Santiago & Cintra, Trimble's dealer in Brazil.
We recently made a sale for a company that works for a big energy company for cadastre purposes. The thing on it is that they have a HUGE demand ( we are talking about 800 objects per task ), and they depend 100% on Terraflex for productivity, payment etc.

Since we started working with them we had a lot of issues, the most we solved but there still somethings on the system are failing, this cause loss of credibility with our customer, and it's a thing we dont want to.

I would like please to be answered with something valuable so I can confort my customer and try to get his trust again on the system, below some questions:

- My customer created a lot of tasks, but once we are on the desktop feature and click on tasks, we can NOT see the tasks on the map, they just dont pop up on the map, only after a while (I waited 20 minutes), then all of a sudden they show up, but if I clicked 5 tasks on this 20 minutes, he wiil quickly show the 5 and still on the last one. This show that the server can NOT attend and It's not been efficiently. This is a thing that need to get better, once as I said Is something that they need to see and be able to analyse.

- Another thing that we need is that Terraflex send warnings of manteinance, so they can program their field team, as I said they depend 100% on Terraflex.

- The application in the field sometimes crash, it's not general, but everytime, one or two smartphones got problem and they have to sync manually with fear to loose data.

Terraflex is an amazing system, but we sincerely hope that It got some improvements for REAL, so we can be more confident also to indicate the solution to new customers.

Thank you

Artur Viceconte
+55 11 7545-7112
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Tom H
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Hi Artur

Thanks for the feedback. One of the product management team is going to contact you directly regarding your enhancement requests/suggestions and to look at the workflow of this customer.

For the 'task' behaviour and crashes I'd advise you submit this to the support team who can take ownership and investigate what is going on here.
The topic Need Support? Here's what you can do describes how to push the case through and what information the team needs

edited by Tom H on 10/9/2018
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