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I collected several forms during a site inspection. Many of them remained drafts in the field unit, some did not. It appears that the draft forms are not uploaded to the Cloud. What did I do or not do in the field to close the draft forms? Is there a way to close them now that I'm in my office?
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I believe if the form is still considered a Draft, it is missing some required information. The missing information could be gps position or a field is missing data. Check those Drafts for fields with red *.
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Tom H
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The save as draft option allows you to partially complete a form and save it WITHOUT the form being synced.
It's designed for workflows that might require a form to be filled out in stages, for example If an asset requires physical installation or modification to complete all the inspection details.

Prior to this the form would automatically sync and would need editing or the field worker would have to wait until the end of the inspection/ installation to complete all fields (and risk losing information).

If you have any forms in draft you will need to log into that device and complete them before they will sync. You cannot do this remotely from the web component of Terraflex

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