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I'm with a student organization that borrowed a GPS for a recent trip to Guatemala. We weren't able to sync the data from the app to InSphere until we returned due to poor reception. Unfortunately, our trial has now expired. I am trying to export the data to csv but the export buttons aren't popping up. Is this because our trial has expired? The data was pre-existing on our account so my understanding is that we should be able to access it still. What do I need to do to export?
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Tom H
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Hi Hannah

You will need an active subscription to use the export functions.
If your trial has expired then so will your ability to export. We still allow you to log in to the web environment where you can view the form data collected, just not export.
This is to protect the software from misuse primarily and prevent people from simply using trial's without paying for the software.
You can turn a trial into an active organisation at anytime by purchasing and applying a Terraflex subscription either In app via credit card or through your local Trimble reseller.

edited by Tom H on 9/18/2018
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