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Hi, I am new to Terraflex. I have a ArcGIS geodatabase. I have built domains for the fields so that I have a dropdown list to choose from. I publish to Terraflex and I look at the published forms in Insphere and the field type is text without the Choices. Is there some way to preserve the dropdown/choice field when is published. Of course I can build in Insphere and export the xml from the geodatabase but want the convenience of exporting straight back to ArcMap. Thanks for all your help.
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Tom H
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Hi Darrel

Are you using the Terraflex Add-In and publishing your feature classes directly from the gdb?
In this case as long as the domains are setup and working correctly Terraflex will convert these to a list field in the form template.
If you start an edit session in ArcMAP and digitise a feature you can check the domains are all working correctly before you publish.

When you publish, the Add-In will create the feature classes and database schema as per the ESRI gdb.
This includes, text, numeric and date fields, any list fields (if domains are present), default values, choice fields (if the domain contains only 2 choices).

The latest Terraflex Add In and user guide can be found on the downloads page here

If you want us to check the gdb out then you can send this into the support team. Strip all the data out first, the blank gdb will be enough for us to check for any setup issues

edited by Tom H on 8/21/2018
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