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Ever since the server was restarted a few weeks back we have had major problems with the application on our GEO7x. This has caused lots of wasted time for our GPS crew and money for our organization. We are extremely disappointed in the lack of communication from Trimble regarding these issues. In all honesty, Terraflex has always had some weird bugs from time to time since we have been using it. However, these issues are ridiculous and has completely crippled our ability to collect GPS data.

Recent Issues

1. Data couldn't sync to the server for days (There was no heads up prior to the server being restarted)

2. Lost our basemaps (No more imagery)

3. Auto fields stopped populating on our projects (I opened a support ticket directly with Trimble and didn't get a response for over 24 hours. After the first correspondence I didn't hear back for over 48 hrs and no real resolution was offered for the issue. While waiting to hear back I resolved our issue on my own.)

4. Today (07/24/2018) the application encountered a critical error. The app won't open and my GPS crew is out in the middle of corn fields without the ability to map.

Thanks Trimble!! Much appreciated
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Our users have encountered some strange issues with TF Mobile today also, and I am having issues with the cloud server. What's up Tom?
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