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How exactly does the "Activate Update Options" checkbox interact with the lock option for each field?

An example might help one understand my question better. We have a set of forms representing data for reference for which we do not want the positions updated. These forms have some fields that we want to show, but not edit, and some fields that must be edited (in the case to verify that the thing was found or not). When I un-check the box for "Activate Update Options" all of the locks next to the fields disappear. So it seems that I can restrict a feature from being moved OR restrict it fields from being edited, but not both. This seems like a frustratingly strange way for these options to work. What am I missing here?
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When you check the Activate Update options, it gives each field the Required or Read Only options. With a Field having the Read Only lock selected, data in this field for task forms will be shown on the handheld but not editable. The required means that something must be collected in this field before a form can be saved (ie. a picture must be collected or a position). This is similar to the required that the form normally has, but you can have info that is required to be updated every time such as a field measurement from a device.
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