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I have a customer that is using a new Geo7x with the internal cellular modem activated. When trying to login to TerraFlex, it errors out saying it can't reach the server. We can access the internet on the Geo, but TerraFlex acts like it doesn't see the internal modem?
Very frustrating. We can access the same TerraFlex account from other devices, but not from the Geo7x.
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Hi DougK

Is it able to access the TerraFlex server when the Geo 7x is connected to a wifi source instead of the internal modem? Admittedly, the error messages that TerraFlex Mobile displays is not always indicative of what the underlying problem is. if it is still experiencing issues connecting to the Trimble Server, please use the topics below to send the TerraFlex log file from the Geo 7x to the support team and we can take a deeper look into what is happening on the Geo7x.

- Lane
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