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Jeroen ECG
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Dear Sir, Madam,

I have some questions regarding Terraflex. First some background information:

Our organisation is focussed on removing ordance from WW2 out of the soil. We are located in the Netherlands. After a testing period we decided to use Terraflex for our work. 90% of the time we receive an area in from our clients to search for ordnance. This area is drawn into ArcGIS and exported through the addon to a project in Terraflex. Then we have to select the area and create a task within the project to enable visibility of the imported data. The user of the project then will collect their forms to the project within the created task. When the project is completed the data is imported and a rapport is made from the data.

This whole proces created some questions on which i don't know if there is an answer to it.
1: We have several people working on one project. if someone collects a form within a task his colleages are not able to view the newly collected form in the task. Now we have to reselect the forms and create an new task. Is there an option that it will be instantly visible without creating a new task?
2: Is there an possibility to view the coördinates in Terraflex (preferably in RD-coordinates)?
3: Is there also an option to measure a distance in the app?
4: Is it possible to create an option in tasks that will change the colour when an form is updated (in the MAP)?
5: Is there also an option to add our own backgrounds (GEOTIFFs)?

Thanks in advance,

Jeroen de Groot
edited by Jeroen ECG on 4/5/2018
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We are also having the problem listed in #1. I am an environmental conultant. ZZWe often delineate large wetland areas that sometimes take more than 1 day to delineate. The first day we will set the points and the next day we won't be able to see them in the field. But this only happens sometimes. Is there a reason that the points would disapear? Is there a way to ensure the points stay visible in the mobile application?
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Hi all,

1. The collecting of forms within a task syncs from the controller to the cloud and is vidible in the Desktop applicati, not as a live feed from one controller to other controllers. This is a common enhancement request and we are prioritizing these functions for future versions

2. Coordinates are stored as the feature's geometry and stored as such when data is exported to Shapefile. File Geodatabase, or KML. The coordinates are visible when exported as CSV as a data column. They are not currently visible in the TerraFlex Mobile application.

3. This is not currently available in the released version of TerraFlex. You can see the distance away from features inside of a task for navigation purposes, but not manual measuring.

4. The symbology does change in the List view of the forms inside of a Task, but there is no current option to have that change be reflected by color.

5. This is another common request we are working on, but user-uploaded background maps are not currently available.

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