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In the recent month, the time for exporting to shapefile has increased dramatically. Now it takes up to 15 minutes to export 50 points (without any imagery) when it used to take 10-30 seconds. Furthermore, the "progress" animation freezes when it should be replaced by a download icon. A workaround is to logout and login again. Very annoying.

The same selection exports to CSV in about the same time as previously with correct progress/download icon behaviour.

What has happended?
edited by tradliv on 1/26/2018
edited by tradliv on 1/26/2018
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Tom H
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I'd advise you submit this to support following the instructions here Need Support? Here's what you should do..

One of the team will be able to investigate this and see why this particular instance is taking longer than usual
edited by Tom H on 1/29/2018
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