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Taylor Engineering
Posts: 1

TerraFlex is down, cannot access from InSphere homepage nor from the mobile app.
Please advise ASAP.
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Tom H
Posts: 508

Hi Taylor

Are you still having issues?
There have been no service outages on the platform for a long time now so this may be something local to your account/ setup.

Try resetting the browser Cache (hold CTRL + hit F5) in case this is a cache issue
If Its a new account then it may not have been provisioned correctly. We can find this out with some more details from you (see further steps below)
You've not mentioned If there are any specific error messages but I would start by looking at the topic: Mobile Sync Issues? Here's Some Things To Try If the mobile device is giving you problems

If none of the suggestions resolve your issue then you can escalate this to the Trimble support team. Just follow the instructions in the topic: Need Support? Here's What You Should Do specifically section #3 Trimble Insphere Support

The log files are very important in this type of issue so try and provide these along with as much information as you can (and requested in the topic). One of the Trimble Support team will take the case and look into it for you

edited by Tom H on 11/27/2017
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