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Hi guys!
The need for new features and functionality in TerraFlex is URGENT! When can we expect to see a migration to Connect?
I have several customers who will abandon the TerraFlex platform if they don't get fx the possibility to se all collected forms on any handheld individually, or being able to set polygon to transparent fill..
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Tom H
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Hi Petteson

We ran a Trimble University webinar on this at the end of September.
You can access this here but you will need to sign in to
Trimble TerraFlex Integration with Trimble Connect - Distributor Webinar - September, 2017

This gives you an idea of the migration plan and the updates that will come with it
edited by Tom H on 11/28/2017
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Is this video still available? I haven't been able to access it anywhere. Thanks.
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Tom H
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Hi bgbaskerville

Yes this webinar is still available. You'll need to sign up to first to gain access to the course catalog
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