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While I was playing with the Trial Version, I had created a TASK and Implemented it the the left of the screen. It was a test dummy file, however, I found a way to delete items, when I had highlighted the task tool bar. Does this mean I am also DELETING the original POINT that is originally uploaded from the beginning, before I created my HIGHLIGHTED "TASK"

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Tom H
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Yes - when you import data and convert it into a template and create a form it moves the imported data to the FORMS section from the DATA (it does not copy or duplicate).
When you then create a TASK, selecting and deleting any forms in this TASK will remove the Form permanently

If you COMPLETE the TASK then DELETE the TASK this will not remove the forms but just remove the TASK from the TASK list and return the FORMS to the FORM view

edited by Tom H on 10/4/2017
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