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I have a Terraflex Insphere basic account. I have a project created and I go out to GPS on a daily basis. I want to delete the previous daya data that I have already exported. When I click under the the forms for the days I want to delete that data will not delete.
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Tom H
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Hi Prsawyer

Only Admin users can delete data in the Terraflex web environment so this is the first thing to check.
If you go to the Org settings > People tab you can check the rights of the individual users.

If you have admin rights and are deleting forms you may need to refresh the screen/ cache for the forms to disappear. Hold CTRL key and hit the F5 key simultaneously to do this.

If you are getting an error or some other behaviour then this may be worth passing to the support team via

Please review the post here to ensure you have included all the relevant information for the support team to get working on this as soon as it comes in
edited by Tom H on 6/12/2017
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