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We just started using Terraflex and when we go to export our data in any type other than csv we get the following error

Error exporting data
Response status code does not indicate success: 422 (Unprocessable entity).

Any ideas on how to clear this error and download shapefiles, geodatabases, and kml exports?
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Tom H
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Hi Donna

If you email the support team at with the following details they will take a look for you
  • Organisation Name
  • Email used to log in
  • Details on what you are trying to export (project, forms, if there are any filters setup such as a date range, what export format you are trying to export to)

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Any luck with this? I am having the exact same issue. Can't export to anything but CSV
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Tom H
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Hi Doug if you haven't already I'd get the support team to look into this using the contact details above

We have this information in the topic Need Support? Here's what you should do
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