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I have noticed that some of my populated form data is not being preserved when harvesting using Trimble TerraFlex Desktop Add-In in ArcMap. The data is visible on InSphere but reverts to the default value when downloading into the geodatabase. It's only happening for one of the forms within the project.
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I have experienced and noticed the same glitch/issue. It does happen at least once for each of my projects.

When I download the forms, information on a few features will not come through. Most of the time there is no issue and all data on all forms gets downloaded but sometimes there will be a handful of features that just doesn’t get downloaded.

I verify that the data was actually recorded by going to the In-Sphere website to look at the features there. All the data and pictures are in the cloud but for some reason it does not make it to the GIS. Not sure why.

I would say it appears to be random. My crews can go out and do a day’s work and then Sync the day when they get back to the office. All features get uploaded to the cloud, GIS download would download most except a handful. Again though this does not happen all the time. I would say that if I were to download everyday then maybe once out of the two or three weeks this would occur. I have noticed this issue for about a year now.

I perform one of two options as a work around. One way is to manually enter the information myself for the few features and then associate any pictures as well. The other way to do it is to have my crew chief go back into the TerraFlex on the IPAD and make an additional data entry to flag that form as edited and needs to be re-downloaded.

I am running: Arc-GIS 10.5 & Trimble TerraFlex Desktop add-in Version 3.8
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Hi Augustus

If this behaviour is localised to the same attribute fields then It may relate to an unsupported alpha numeric input (maybe a strange character or something unusual).

This sounds like something best submitted to the Terraflex support team so they can look into this in more detail.
Take a look at the Need Support? Here's what you should do for the email address to escalate this
edited by Tom H on 3/6/2018
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