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Is there anyway to stop an InSphere export process? The exports we have started are taking an inordinate amount of time and it appears as if they are hung. Previous exports have taken less than 2 minutes to do and we are up over 2 hours now. Just wondering ....
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Tom H
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HI Willing

There is no way for you to terminate an export once it begins generating. Exports should only take a few minutes to generate (regardless of size) so this sounds like something the support team should take a look at.

Check again and if you're still having this problem follw the steps in Need Support? Here's What You Should Do - #3 Trimble Insphere Support and submit this to the support team.
Specifically we'll need the Project/ form information and anything relevant to the export generation (filters/ export formats etc..).
This way we can take a look at the logs and see whats going on
edited by Tom H on 4/20/2017
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