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Why is your limit

I think the limit of 1000 forms per export is a very problematic. If I have 1500 forms without any photographs taken, this must generate a fraction of data (size) compared to just a few forms with photographs?!
Why not change the limit, based on size instead of an arbitrary number?

Thanks /Tradliv
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Tom H
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Hi Tradvil

This limit is based on many factors; how we implement the download, the techology used to do this, performance, average and maximum use estimates etc.. These limitations are comparable with many other cloud solutions out there (ESRI Collector for one) so its an industry challenge.

A single, high resolution smartphone image for example, may be 2-3mb.
If a customer is collecting 4 or 5 of these PER FORM and collects 100 forms,(achievable in a day) then you have easily 500+mb to sync across.
This might be areas with good 4G infrastruture or if you sync only on WiFi, but for intermittant cellular coverage you can quickly run a backlog up on the device. You also have to think about downloading this on the desktop side and how long the download will take.
There's always a trade off between performance and practicality but the good news is things will only improve as technology improves.
We also encourage pragmatic workflows such as splitting larger TASKs up and daily harvesting of field data as good practice
edited by Tom H on 5/10/2017
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