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Hamish M
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The TerraFlex add-in for ArcMap has been updated to version 3.7 (v3.7.7.9792) and is available to download via:

New features in this release:
  • Support for Esri ArcGIS 10.5.
  • Feature type library: The feature type library will speed up project creation when users create multiple projects from the same feature classes in their GIS. Users can store their auto fields and accuracy requirements in the library, and then automatically load them during new project creation.
  • Support for collecting and editing point features in geometric networks: With the TerraFlex add-in users can check-in newly collected features—for example pipes or valves—into a geometric network. They can also update features which participate in a geometric network without breaking network connectivity.
  • Support for orthometric feature heights: Users can configure the TerraFlex add-in to store features with Mean Sea Level (MSL) heights using a geoid model.
  • Performance improvements when downloading forms.

We recommend you uninstall the existing Add-in before installing this latest version following the instructions below

To uninstall the existing Add-in
  • Disable the extension component from ArcMap’s extension menu (Customize> Extensions)
  • Delete the add-in from ArcMap’s Add-In Manager (Customize > Add In)
  • Close ArcMap.

To Install the latest version of the TerraFlex Add-in (v3.7)
  • Ensure all instances of ArcMap/ ArcCatalog are closed
  • Download the Installation file using the download links above
  • Extracting the zip file and double-clicking the TerraFlexDesktopAddIn.esriAddin file to launch Esri’s add-in registration tool. You will be notified when it completes

  • Start ArcMap and use the Extensions menu (Customize> Extensions) to enable the new version
    You may receive a prompt at this point to accept a default database connection and/or if the database already exists from a previous installation, you will be prompted to upgrade your database schema. Select Yes to both
  • You should now be able to use the TerraFlex add-in for ArcMap.
edited by Tom H on 2/7/2017
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