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I'm attempting to export data from InSphere as a KML file to Google Maps. Google maps isn't recognizing the file type. Anyone experienced this problem before or have any suggestions for what should do. I'm not a tech savy individual, so I'm sure there's a simple fix.
Thank you in advance.
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Tom H
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Hi eweese

The KML export in Terraflex maintains the OGC KML standard format so this should import fine into Google Maps

I ran a quick test today following the the Import info to your map instructions on the google maps help site.

A quick sanity check would be to try this in Google Earth. If you have this installed on the same machine double tapping the KML will open it automatically. If this fails then there's something wrong with the KML.

Alternatively I'd recommend re-exporting the data from Terraflex/ InSphere

If you can't resolve this then follow the steps in the Need Support? Here's what you should do topic to escalate this
edited by Tom H on 1/24/2017
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I am looking for this information for file transfer on a Mac. as you cannot drag and drop into google simply does not work. Is there any other programs available to work with ?
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