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We created a test template filled with hundreds of poles. We can archive it but not delete it? All the poles still show up individually in the Forms under Imported. (Hundreds of them) We need to get rid of them our test did not work.
edited by FRANK121 on 1/4/2017
edited by FRANK121 on 1/4/2017
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Tom H
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Hi Frank

There's no way to permanently delete individual form templates but archiving effectively removes these from view and use within a project.
With regards to viewing the collected (archived) forms, you can use the filters to take the forms away from your view OR use the selection tools to select and permanently delete the form data.

There's a related forum post that explains this in more detail - Archiving V Deleting and explains the rationale behind this configuration.

We've taken all the feedback on board however and will allow forms templates to be deleted as you wish in a future release.

edited by Tom H on 1/5/2017
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