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When setting up forms (in InSphere), there is an option under Preview to select ‘form fields’ then an option for Photos.
Does this mean for each field (or sub-field), you can ‘pre’ load a photo of, for example, an Asset Type to know what each type looks like (when using TerraFlex)?
Is this a feature that Trimble are working on or will be working on?
edited by Peter.J on 10/13/2016
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Tom H
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Hi Peter

The Photo preview allows you to nominate a photo field to preview in Terraflex Mobile.

The field you nominate then displays the corresponding photo when you select the form in the Map view or when you review the forms captured in the list view

The functionality you describe 'pre-loading photo's of an asset type for fields/ sub fields' is not available in Terraflex but is a good suggestion. We have this functionality in Trimble Terrasync which is a professional GIS data collection software tool designed to run on Windows and Windows Embedded Handheld devices.

I would encourage you to add any enhancement suggestions to the Feedback & Requests section of the forum. This is monitored by product management and engineering who plan the feature road map for Terraflex
edited by Tom H on 10/13/2016
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