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when choosing as a filter a day or period of days, it happens, that Insphere will not find any data. then I jump to another project and this works fine with any kind of filtering. sometimes when I go back to the buggy project it works, but not reliable.

Chrome Browser, Win 10

any idea?
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Posts: 31

Is there a possibility, that one of the support staff can review this issue in my ISP-account:
project: Streettrace V1.0
Export-filter: 22.10-22.10.2017

in case it is an browser- or connection issue it would be very helpful.

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Tom H
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Hi Diva

Follow the instructions on the post Need Support? Here's what you should do
This will help you escalate this to the Trimble support team with the right information they need

edited by Tom H on 10/25/2016
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