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Tom H
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Task workflows allow you to send data from your geodatabase to Terraflex typically for Inspection or maintenance purposes.
When working with tasks it is important to understand the limitations to schedule your tasks as efficiently as possible

  • Task Uploads: are limited to 1000 features per task
  • Task Downloads: are limited to 250 forms at a time inside a task

For uploads the rule is simple but for downloads If you have more than (>) 250 forms to sync back into your geodatabase I would recommend you use 1 of the following 2 workflows:

1) Create a TASK with no more than 250 records to be sent to Terraflex and updated - the most simple solution to manage a task

2) For Tasks containing > 250 records - follow the steps in the user guide Managing Tasks in a project... for more detail

  • Create the TASK and send to Terraflex
  • Update the forms in the task using Terrafle Mobile
  • Using the Terraflex Add In or Trimble Positions desktop Add in open the desktop dockable window
  • Manage Tasks > Select your Task for Download
  • Under the Download filter options select 'all non-exported forms' option - this will download a maximum of 250

  • After the download - Select ALL 250 forms from the TF Addin 'Downloaded forms' window
  • Mark these as exported

  • Change the download filter to either the 'only non-exported forms collected in the last x days' or ''only non-exported forms for the layer...x '

  • Select Download Forms again and the remaining forms will be downloaded.

    Note this will only pull the next 250 forms so if you have > 500 or 750 for example you will need to repeat this process until all forms are downloaded.

  • When downloading large datasets this can take time, especially if you have high resolution images associated as attachments with each form. Patience should be exercised when waiting for the downloads to complete or marking the records as exported

    For further information please take a look at the HOW-TO-GUIDE for the Terraflex Add In

    edited by Tom H on 2/7/2017
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