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Tom H
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When creating or editing form templates, the option to delete or archive is based on whether the form has been published or not.

If a form template has NOT been published

You can delete individual form fields AND the emtire form template.
This will permanently remove the field or form template from your project

If a form template has been published

The delete option will no longer be available and will be replaced with an archive option.
The archive option removes and hides the form template or form template field from view and can no longer be used, but DOES NOT permanently delete it.

An Archived form template or form template field can be restored at anytime by using the shown archived option for the form or icon on the archived form template field.

Why Archive and not delete?

We Archive instead of Delete fields in order to preserve attribute data that may have been collected in a form before the field was archived.
This way we can always show you the form as it was collected, and also why archived fields are included in exports.
We archive entire forms as this preserves the data if you wish to restore this. If you delete a form then all the associated data is removed along with the form.

This topic has been much discussed recently through both the forum and direct support channels. All the feedback has been valuable and greatly received. We are looking at implementing the delete option published forms in a future release for those of you who wish to remove forms/ field permanently.

edited by Tom H on 2/7/2017
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why when a template is unlinked gets deleted? how can i recover it?
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