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I saw that now terraflex can work with "Offline basemaps powered by Trimble data" what it means that we can use our own maps or use shp as basemaps??

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Tom H
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This means you can cache the Trimble Map layer available in InSphere for offline use in Terraflex.

The post here - Caching Background Maps For Offline Use - guides you through it.

Terraflex at the moment, doesn't support user defined/ imported base mapping. You see this added in the future but for now you can use the Trimble Map layer if you're working in an offline environment.

edited by Tom H on 5/19/2016
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Hi Tom, you have mentioned that "user defined base maps" will be added in the future on ta couple of threads since 2015 (or before). When can we expect this?
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Tom H
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Hi Jason

Vector (via shapefile) and raster background mapping import functionality is coming in Q4 but will only be available to those who have migrated to the Connect platform which will be the new home of Terraflex.

More details of the migration plan will be released closer to the time.

You can take a look at the Trimble TerraFlex Integration with Trimble Connect - Distributor Webinar - delivered last month (September, 2017)

This goes through the new platform and the upcoming enhancements.
You'll need to sign in using your Trimble learn account (or create one for free) to view this

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Are vector background files (in Connect platform) supported now?
If so, what file formats work? And are they active (i.e. field user can select them to see some attributes or navigate to them)?
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