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When collecting lines by beginning/end points, the data exports to CSV in the below format in a single cell. Is there a way to break this into individual columns in the export process or is this one for the recommended updates? The below format adds considerable time to managing long projects with numerous line segments. Text to columns is what I have used, but individual segments still require manipulation.

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Tom H
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Hi SBrellenthin

There's no way to do this pre export in the Terraflex web app unfortunately and CSV isn't the best format for complex geometries like line/ area features as it's unable to handle it as efficiently.
As always we want to hear your feedback and workflow's so I'd recommend you post an enhancement requests in the 'Feedback & Requests' section of the forum which has the eye's of our dev and product management teams.

In terms of work rounds, you can use excel (text to columns) like you have described but a much more efficient way is to utilise GIS packages and their geoprocessing tools.

Exporting to shapefile for example will allow you to manipulate the line data in ESRI ArcMAP or the free open source QGIS.

Both have dedicated geoprocessing tools designed to pull out the vertices from complex lien/ area geometries and convert them into point files.
You can then run a quick export and have the XYZ for each feature.

This may (or may not) be more efficient but it's another tool at least to use to create your end product.

Here are some example tools from both packages below:

edited by Tom H on 4/19/2016
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