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Tom H
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When importing shapefiles for Terraflex Advanced data update work flows, you MUST ensure that ALL field names in the imported shapefile are unique.

This will prevent any sync errors when pushing the task/ forms up to the mobile device.

Although you can rename the field names on import, these are only field aliases and do not affect the underlying database structure.

Note shapefiles (or rather the *.DBF file format) are limited to 10 character length field names so this problem usually occurs on export from your GIS/ CAD package.
Take a look at ESRI's help page Geoprocessing considerations for shapefile output > Attribute limitations for more detailed background on the shapefile format

A future Terraflex web release, will detect and highlight duplicate field names for the users attention, for now, remain vigilant and try to incorporate this step into your normal GIS/Terraflex setup workflows.

edited by Tom H on 2/7/2017
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Hi, How is it going with the "future Terraflex web release" that detects this?
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