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Tom H
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We recommend you uninstall the existing Add in before installing the latest version following the instructions below

To uninstall the existing Add in

  • Disable the extension component from ArcMap’s extension menu (Customize> Extensions)
  • Delete the add-in from ArcMap’s Add-In Manager (Customize > Add In)
  • Close ArcMap.

    If you had experienced a database connection error and had never successfully had the add-in to working, please delete the system.config file from the following location:


To Install the latest version of the Add In
  • Ensure all instances of ArcMap/ ArcCatalog are closed
  • Download the Installation file using the download links above
  • Extracting the zip file and double-clicking the TerraFlexDesktopAddIn.esriAddin file to launch Esri’s add-in registration tool. You will be notified when it completes

  • If you are unable to install the add please check the restrictions in the Add-in Manager
    This is covered in the forum topic
    TerraFlex Desktop ESRI Add In - Untrusted?

  • Start ArcMap and use the Extensions menu (Customize> Extensions) to enable the new version
    You may receive a prompt at this point to accept a default database connection and/or if the database already exists from a previous installation, you will be prompted to upgrade your database schema. Select Yes to both
  • You should now be able to use the ArcMap add-in.

For more information on using the add-in please refer to the documentation
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switched to a new computer arc map 10.6 installed terraflex addin and can not access my existing projacts
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