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Can you export data other than Control Points??
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Stuart Erickson
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The initial version of Trimble InSphere focuses on reusing Control Point data and sharing that with Trimble Access field software users, so the export is limited to control points that come from NGS or My Control Point layers.
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Chris - What other data (and formats) do you see value in exporting?

Diem Bui | Trimble Geospatial
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I may be missing something, but what I would like to do is the following and I am not sure it is possible with this setup.
Want to import data into terraflex
Go in the field and update the data
Come back to office- qc data and export it back to my corporate system.
The last point is where I can't find any info. I want the data back to use corporately, is that possible?
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Tom H
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Hi Shannon

Terraflex supports shapefile, KML, File GeoDatabase and CSV export types, so yes it's possible to get the data out and back into your corporate GIS/ DB.

Take a look at the Terraflex Web page for more general information and the online help exporting forms section for more detail
edited by Tom H on 11/17/2015
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Also if you are an ArcGIS Desktop customer, consider using the free ArcMap plugin. This allows you to sync the data directly back into a geodatabase.
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